Travelling challenge: ‘Contemplation’ theme results

Our weekly travel competitions are an opportunity for talented travel photographers to enter their most fitting image for a specified theme. After a week for submissions, participants are given a further week to cast votes on their favourite photos before voting closes and the results are announced.

The latest challenge was ‘Contemplation’. Let’s take a look at the best shots.

This week’s winner

man in misty train - Bartek Baracz

A passenger lost in thought on a Polish train © Bartek Baracz

This atmospheric photo from Bartek Baracz was captured on a train travelling across Poland. We love the quality of the sunlight as it seeps through the carriage windows, creating patterns and reflections across the shiny interior surfaces. The image composition gives us a wonderful sense of perspective, yet constantly draws focus back to our mysterious train companion.

This week’s runners-up

No title - oarranzli

Contemplating life in the Medina, Morocco © oarranzli

The Medina of Fez makes a great backdrop for this candid shot of everyday life, taken by oarranzli. We like examining the small details in the photo, like the makeshift chair used by our friend with the mule, and trying to work out whether the two subjects have been recently engaged in conversation with each other.

Deep thoughts - ashokum2

Deep thoughts on the face of a fellow traveller © ashokum2

What a striking portrait from ashokum2! The use of close-up really emphasises the subject’s facial expression and the incredible texture of her skin as it catches the light. We’re quite intrigued by the sort of thoughts which might produce such a look of concentration, and we hope ashokum2 had the opportunity to sit awhile and find out.

Contemplation - rovinglight

Contemplation from a window ledge in Nepal © rovinglight

Another arresting portrait, this time from rovinglight. The tight angle doesn’t give away much about the surrounding streets of Kathmandu where the shot was taken, but it certainly centres our interest on the subject. The composition of this photo is also particularly clever, as the window’s edge provides a perfect frame for our thinker.

Solitude - Square Lamb

A pensive pooch watches the spray in Spain © Square Lamb

Square Lamb features in the top images again with this shot from Seville in the springtime. We like the contrast between the shaded foreground area and the bright sunlight, caught in mid-air by the fine spray of water. We wonder what the canine observer is thinking about, and whether a trip through the mist is on the cards!

Contemplation - alfieianni

A lone monk in thought by the water, Cambodia ©

We appreciate the simple composition in this shot from, taken in Phnom Penh. The splashes of colour from the monk’s bright robe and the golden flagpole base immediately catch the attention. Afterwards, our focus is free to wander into the blurred distance, mirroring the gaze of our thoughtful subject.

Jahangir Mahal. Orchha, India - jafsegal

Thought-provoking views in Orchha, India © jafsegal

This image of the Jehangir Mahal was taken by jafsegal, and we can’t imagine a more evocative capture of this incredible citadel. The warm orange tones of the shot are beautifully complemented by the rich fuchsia of the observer’s dress. With an amazing view like that, we’re not surprised she seems to have a faint smile on her face.