Chubby Diaries: Where are you based?

Leila: I am from the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas (born and raised) but I am based in Miami, Florida.

Chubby Diaries: Describe the moment you caught the travel bug.

Leila: The moment I caught the travel bug was when I went to Europe, Nice, France, for the very first time. I went on a business trip for 2.5 months, but I took a huge advantage to explore different cities and countries while I was there. I was so amazed by the culture, the food, the beautiful buildings, and more.

Chubby Diaries: What do you hope your audience will get from your content?

Leila: I want my audience to feel and see the exact things I feel and see when I travel. I want my content to be personable and engaging. Whenever I travel, I want people to feel like they are there with me and encourage them to see these places one day.

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