Flickr challenge: ‘Coffee’ theme results

Each week we host a community photo challenge on Flickr, asking photographers to submit their best travel images to match a chosen word or phrase.

With International Coffee Day at the start of October, and coffee tourism ever popular, we chose ‘Coffee’ as the theme for our latest challenge. Here are the top images as voted by the community.

This week’s winner

Coffee Culture, Ethiopian Way - rovinglight

Enjoying coffee the local way in Ethiopia © rovinglight

Another winning photo from rovinglight, this time from a small town in Ethiopia. We like the use of shallow depth of field to draw all our focus and attention to the cup, and we’re particularly interested in the accompanying sprig of rue on the side – apparently a traditional extra flavouring for the coffee, not just for decoration!

This week’s runners-up

beans - De Wet Moolman

Coffee beans for sale at the market in Indonesia © De Wet Moolman

This is a great shot from De Wet Moolman, taken in Rantepao market on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The huge basket of beans in the image foreground shines temptingly in the light, and we like the background inclusion of a member of market staff to help us get a better sense of scale.

Café con Libro - Square Lamb

European café culture in Spain © Square Lamb

Square Lamb showcases more excellent photography from Seville with this evocative capture. The black and white works well to emphasise small details in the shot, like the snippets of contrasting graffiti on the café facade and the slightly warped reflections in the windows. We still can’t quite make out the title of our subject’s book though!

Coffee with a cause - Cranamanor13

Good coffee for a good cause in Australia © Cranamanor13

This atmospheric photo from Cranamanor13 takes a different angle on the theme, showing us a coffee outlet run by a local non-profit organisation in Melbourne. There’s a lot to examine and enjoy in this shot, and the largely grayscale palette really makes the bright red and orange splashes of colour pop.

Coffee - TravelPixelz

Coffee berries ripening on the tree in Guatemala © TravelPixelz

TravelPixelz shows us where coffee comes from in this image taken on a hike between Quetzaltenango and Lago de Atitlán. We like the decision to photograph a branch with only a few ripe red berries, as it creates an excellent contrast with the green foliage and the almost impossible blue of the sky behind.

Sousse - Perfect Coffees - muffinn

Taking time to enjoy the view with coffee in Tunisia © muffinn

A quintessential holiday moment in this photo from muffinn, taken in the lively Tunisian town of Sousse. It conjures up memories of morning research sessions on our own trips away, and we like the tantalising strip of ocean and palm trees visible on the horizon. However, the less said about that guidebook choice, the better!

This week’s staff pick

Silly Morning - Piotr_PopUp

A still life snap with a smile in Poland © Piotr_PopUp

As you might imagine, we received a number of challenge entries depicting cups of coffee and various tasty accompaniments, but this photo taken in Warsaw by Piotr_PopUp caught our attention immediately. We love how clean and simple the shot is, from the plain background to the limited shadows. Most of all, we appreciate the humour, and we hope it’s brightened your day in the same way it did for us.