One of the most important tips for the ultimate road trip is to avoid overpacking the car. Not only will it make it more cramped and potentially block windows, but you don’t want to unpack too much in the evenings when you stop at a hotel or to camp.

If it’s just two of you in the car, keep a little cooler in the pack close by so you don’t have to reach around too much to refill on drinks. If you don’t want to aimlessly snack the whole time (it can be hard not to during the flat parts of the road trip), don’t pack a full snack bag but instead wait for the times when you’re filling up on gas to also refuel yourself.

It can also make the car cozier when you’re a passenger if you pack a small blanket. You can use it to cover your legs if the air conditioning gets too strong but your friend doesn’t want to turn it down or to make your afternoon nap against the window a little less uncomfortable.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you have everything that you need and nothing that you don’t when you pack your car for a road trip. If this is your first road trip, chances are you’ll pack a few more things than you need. As long as you can recline and push back your seat so you’re comfortable, you’re already setting yourself up for a successful road trip.

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